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Interested in removing stretch marks or brightening other areas of the body? Have you explored some of our Advanced Treatments and are ready to take it a step further on your anti-aging journey?  We offer a variety of body treatments that are capable of reversing sun damage and smoothing out the texture of your skin.


We typically price out our services based upon an 8 x10 treatment area, and all areas of the body are treatable such as: back, buttock, bikini line, legs, décolleté,  etc. We recommend a brief consultation with your Aesthetician to see which of the below services, or combination of services would be best for you!


OxyGeneo® 3-in-1 Back Super Facial

45 minutes

Ideal for: All skin types

Treatment area:  back

Suggested frequency: monthly 

The Oxygeneo® Super Back Facial is an innovative treatment that delivers three skin-renewing, anti-aging treatments simultaneously: exfoliation, infusion, and oxygenation. Ultrasound-enhanced infusion significantly improves the absorption of active ingredients into the skin to increase moisture, tighten pores, reduces crepiness, and boost active ingredients. This exclusive combination improves skin tone, evens texture, and nourishes the complexion giving a balanced healthy glow. For long-term results, a series of treatments is recommended. 



Back Facial

45 minutes

Ideal for: All skin types

Treatment area: back

Suggested frequency: monthly 

Our back facial addresses specific concerns such as congestion, back acne, and dehydrated skin in an often difficult to reach area. Your service begins with a deep pore cleanse followed by relaxing steam to open the pores, extractions, an exfoliation using wet/dry microdermabrasion followed by an enzyme or chemical peel. Your Aesthetician will complete your service by applying a customized mask to withdraw impurities and restore natural hydration to the skin.




Morpheus 8 - Body (consultation)

90 minutes

Ideal for: All skin types

Treatment area: abdomen, buttox, knees, etc

Suggested frequency: Every two weeks
Recommended 3-6 Treatments 

The Morpheus 8 is a FDA-Cleared treatment the uses a combination of Microneedling and Radiofrequency energy. This treatment targets tissue beneath outermost layer, tricks the body into a wound-healing response causing reorganization of the skins vital building blocks- Collagen and Elastin. Also used for Hyperhidrosis (Sweating) desensitizing the sweat glands reducing the amount of sweat. This treatment is PERMANENT and treats a variety of skin issues. Book for consultation.


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