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Beth Casse

Licensed Medical Aesthetician/ Founder

Meet Beth Casse, a seasoned licensed esthetician whose journey in skincare began in 2004 alongside world-class surgeons, focusing on post-laser and wound care. Recognizing the need for a bridge between reconstructive laser treatments and indulgent facials, Beth's vision took shape when she founded Beyond Skin in 2015.


In the heart of Ocala, Florida, Beyond Skin became more than a business—it became a skincare legacy. Beth's commitment to providing the best skincare treatments and products resonates throughout her establishment. With years of experience and a passion for merging medical expertise with pampering experiences, Beth Casse continues to elevate skincare standards, offering clients a transformative journey towards healthier and more radiant skin. Beth focuses on results-oriented treatments that are tailored specifically for each client in a setting that soothes beyond the surface.


Dr. Douglas Murphy

Medical Director

Dr. Douglas Murphy MD stands as a distinguished obstetrics and gynecology specialist in Ocala, Florida, with an impressive 35 years of practice. A graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine in 1980, Dr. Murphy has dedicated his career to leading advances in women's health.


Since the opening of Beyond Skin and Wellness in 2015, Dr. Murphy has held the vital role of Medical Director, contributing significantly to the legacy the establishment has built in women's health, skincare, and overall wellness. His expertise and commitment have played a pivotal role in shaping Beyond Skin into a trusted destination for comprehensive and cutting-edge care in Ocala. Dr. Douglas Murphy continues to be a beacon in the field, ensuring the highest standards of healthcare and wellness for his patients.

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Shannon Whittaker

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Meet Shannon Whitaker, a highly experienced licensed esthetician with a rich six-year history in the skincare industry. Shannon stands out for her expertise in an array of advanced treatments, including Morpheus 8, Glo2Facial, PRX T-33, Evolve X, and other medically advanced skincare treatments.


Beyond her technical knowledge, Shannon exudes a wise demeanor, providing clients with a sense of confidence in their skincare journey. Her approach is marked by a determined attitude to help clients reach their skincare goals, ensuring a personalized and effective experience. Shannon is also a reservoir of knowledge on skincare lines, particularly excelling in her understanding of IS Clinical and other top-tier products. Entrust your skincare needs to Shannon Whitaker for a journey guided by wisdom, confidence, and a commitment to achieving your desired results.

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joyce arthur 

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Introducing Joyce Arthur, a seasoned licensed esthetician with a three-year journey in the skincare realm. Joyce is not just an expert; she's a dedicated partner in your skincare journey. Specializing in advanced treatments like Morpheus 8, Glo2Facial, and a repertoire of medically advanced procedures, Joyce brings a wealth of expertise to her clients.


Her approach is marked by more than just technical proficiency; it's a blend of kindness and a determined attitude to help clients achieve their skincare goals. Joyce's commitment extends to her in-depth knowledge of Zo Skin Health, ensuring her clients receive the most informed and effective skincare guidance. With Joyce Arthur, experience a skincare journey guided by expertise, kindness, and a shared determination to unlock the best version of your skin.

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kami moretti

Licensed Medical Aesthetician & Licensed Electrolysis

Introducing Kami Moretti, a seasoned licensed esthetician and licensed electrolysis expert with three years of dedicated experience in the world of skincare. Specializing in advanced facials and treatments, Kami is not only proficient in cutting-edge technologies like Morpheus 8, Evolve X, and lasers but also renowned for her friendly demeanor.


Kami's approach goes beyond routine treatments; she invests time in getting to know her clients' skin intimately. Her thoroughness stems from a genuine interest in understanding individual skin needs, allowing her to craft personalized solutions that align with each client's unique skincare goals. With Kami Moretti, clients not only receive top-notch technical expertise but also a warm and personalized experience that makes the journey to healthy, radiant skin truly enjoyable.

Dream Team + 25 Combined years of experience in the field = Your #1 Beauty and Wellness destination 

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Director of Operations

Introducing Cierra Wisell, the Director of Operations at Beyond Skin and Wellness, a driving force behind the scenes. Armed with a master's degree in applied psychology, Cierra brings a unique blend of expertise to the world of skincare and wellness. Her bubbly yet focused demeanor sets the tone for a dynamic and efficient operation.


As the orchestrator of the business, Cierra is the backbone ensuring both the front and back ends run seamlessly. Her hands-on approach and keen organizational skills make her the go-to person for making things happen at Beyond Skin. Cierra's knowledge extends beyond skincare, particularly excelling in mental wellness. With a passion for both the science of beauty and the well-being of the mind, Cierra Wisell contributes significantly to Beyond Skin's commitment to holistic care and excellence.

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Rachel Arthur

Customer Service Specialist

Rachel is a dedicated professional who currently shines at the front desk of Beyond Skin, where her warm smile and impeccable customer service have made her an invaluable part of the team.


Rachel is on the cusp of graduating with her bachelor's in nursing, a milestone that marks her journey toward becoming a Nurse Practitioner specializing in aesthetics. Her ambition is underscored by her commitment to offering cutting-edge treatments like Evolve X, where she aspires to enhance the well-being and confidence of her future patients.

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Megan Blanchard

Injections Specialist - MSN, FNP-BC

Megan spent her fifteen-year career practicing in Emergency, Pulmonary and Critical ​Care Medicine. Her interest in Aesthetics started during the pandemic and she felt the ​need to add some fun into her career 


Megan is certified in Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser ​therapies, Fat reduction, body contouring, PRP (Protein Rich Platelet) treatments, hair ​restoration, micro needling and PDO threads. Her goal is to make sure each person ​feels absolutely comfortable and knows they are genuinely cared for.

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