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OxyGeneo™ Gives you the Glow

THE facial of the future-

Exfoliate. Oxygenate. Nourish. These are the words that the number one skin treatment in skin care professionals and their clientele to live by. Whether you have oily skin, signs of aging, or an uneven skin tone, OxyGeneo™ is for you. The good news? You don’t have to leave town for gorgeous, glowing skin! You can now receive the full OxyGeneo™ experience at Beyond Skin & Wellness - Ocala.

OxyGeneo™ is a 3-in1 scientifically-driven facial featuring innovative and effective OxyPod technology that leaves your face feeling noticeably smoother, renewed, and it uses all-natural, completely vegan ingredients. Some results of OxyGeneo™ include restored hydration, tighter skin, lighter complexion, smoother texture, and alleviated irritation.


OxyGeneo™ is a three-part process. Step one is that it exfoliates the top layer of skin to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and renew the skin.

The carbon dioxide bubbles created from the exfoliation then permeate the top layer of skin and create the Bohr Effect. What’s the Bohr Effect? Great question!

It’s time to get physiological. Danish physiologist Christian Bohr discovered the Bohr Effect in 1904. The term refers to a shift in the oxygen dissociation curve caused by pH and carbon dioxide changes in an environment. Bohr devoted much of his research to the study of hemoglobin -- a protein molecule found in red blood cells -- and its affinity for oxygen. As more CO2 is created during exfoliation, the body’s hemoglobin molecules’ ability to bind with oxygen decreases due to the decreasing pH of the blood.

During step two of the treatment, oxygen-rich blood rises to the skin's surface to replace the elevated levels of CO2, which stimulates cellular activity and oxygenation of the skin. Fast forward to the fun stuff -- OxyGeneo™ nourishes the skin by stimulating the body’s ability to nourish the skin from within. Au naturale for the win!

The final part of the process is that as the treatment exfoliates and oxygenates, it also infuses the skin with vitamins, minerals, and active ingredients that complete your satisfying afterglow, leaving you with a smoother and healthier complexion.

"This is not your mother's facial, this is a medical-grade facial. I love this treatment, it's so much better than traditional microdermabrasion because essentially, you don't have to worry about breaking vessels and it is said to resurface and brighten the skin," Celebrity skincare expert, Nurse Jamie stated during an OxyGeneo™ demo on The Doctors.

The beauty of the OxyGeneo™ experience is that there is zero downtime after the treatment. Unlike popular chemical peels and other more popular facial treatments, you can receive the treatment in just 40 minutes and go about your day with optimal results and minimal to no side effects. The best part? Each treatment is tailored specifically to you based on your skin’s needs.


5 Unique OxyGeneo™ treatments

There are currently five OxyGeneo™ unique treatments available that target the specific needs of the skin. These premium and classic treatments are listed below. 1. The premium Hydrate treatment uses Blue Spirulina to treat dry and irritated skin. It reduces redness and inflammation while repairing and moisturizing the skin barrier. 2. The premium Illuminate treatment uses vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone while reducing pigmentation and protecting from sun damage.

3. The premium Revive treatment capitalizes on the power of red algae to treat fine lines and wrinkles while increasing firmness and elasticity. 4. The classic NeoBrightE treatment lightens the complexion while reducing pigmentation and fine lines. 5. The classic NeoReviveE smooths wrinkles and fine lines while revitalizing the complexion.

FAQ About OxyGeneo™

How soon after the OxyGeneo™ treatment will I see results? You can expect to see visible texture improvement immediately after the 1st treatment. The OxyGeneo™ effect is cumulative, so more treatments will bring better results.

How long is the OxyGeneo™ treatment? The basic OxyGeneo™ treatment takes about 35-45 minutes. The OxyGeneo™ treatment can be done as a ‘stand-alone’ facial or in combination with other modalities, which will extend the duration of the overall treatment.

Is there any downtime after OxyGeneo™ treatments? No, the OxyGeneo™ has zero downtime.

No matter your skin needs, the treatment is soothing, safe, relaxing, has long-term effects, is suitable for all skin types, can be used anywhere on the body, and is available near you at Beyond Skin & Wellness - Ocala. Contact us at or give us a call: 352-816-2920.


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